The Melos Opportunity

Hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising music royalties can be legally claimed each year

Only Melos has the solution to secure these royalties in all international markets

Our legal pack helps secure the rights without compromising the quality of the creative work

    Already Proven

    Global advertisers are already benefiting from our services

    Melos Publishing
    Already Proven

    Global advertisers are already benefiting from our services

    Melos has a proven process that has already secured music revenues for global advertisers. Clients benefited as Melos helped turn a few hundred dollars into hundreds of thousands of royalty dollars. And then repeat it the next year.

    Case Study

    Massive increase in music royalties of 20X in one year

    Brand X increased its annual royalties received from music in their commercials from £25,000 to £500,000+

    What changed?

    • More TVC’s Commissioned 
    • Increased Media Spend
    • Changed Type of Music Used
    • New Music Rights Administrator

    Simply by appointing Melos, our platform  delivered these increased revenues for the brand.

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    A bespoke solution

    The end-to-end process starts with legally securing the rights and then registering them in every country. It finishes by successfully matching these rights with royalty payments and transmissions. This is done with no upfront fees and minimal fuss or change to existing business processes.


    Comprehensive Legal Framework

    Used to secure the rights and register globally without compromising the creative work


    Our unique platform utilizes big data synthesis of media plans and audio recognition software

    Global influence throughout

    Our bespoke partnership with Sony/ATV Publishing provides local representation in all international markets

      Our unique partnership with the world’s biggest music publisher

      Sony Music/ATV brings the global reach and influence for our Brands as they are members of every Collection Society. Sony also represents many of the composers who will benefit from the Melos process that successfully matches a brand’s rights and media data needed to secure the revenues.

      Frequently asked questions

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Explaining Music Royalties
        • What is a Performance Royalty? See more

          Each Broadcaster has to pay license fees for any music played on their channels and these fees are used to pay the rights owners (Publisher and Composer) a performance royalty for each time their music is aired.

        • How can a Brand access these Royalties? See more

          When a Brand commissions a piece of music for its commercial, it can legally acquire the publishing rights to that music with a simple Publishing Agreement.

          These rights then need to be registered with each Performing Rights Organisation (PRO) in every market where the commercial is aired

          PROs should distribute royalties to the relevant rights owners after the commercials have aired.

          PRO’s are also known as Collection Societies.

        • As a Brand Owner, can we manage this ourselves? See more

          The simple answer is yes but the reality is very different due to the complexity of managing multiple rights across many international markets.

          Each international territory has different rights registration requirements

          Every variant of a commercial I.e. a cut-down or retailer-specific version also needs to be registered individually.

          Each commercial needs to be matched to broadcast transmission data in each territory.

          A Brand will need to become an expert in each of the above areas.

      • How do Brands get started with Melos?
        • First Steps Explained See more

          Brands look to do the following:

          Identify existing rights owned and any outstanding royalty opportunities.

          Agree the procedure to secure rights for new commercials.

          Put in place the relevant Publishing Agreements with Melos.

        • How does this affect the creative process? See more

          This should not impact the creative process at all because the Melos service operates after the music has been commissioned.

      • How do the economics work?
        • Are there any upfront fees? See more

          There are no upfront fees and Melos takes a P% of royalties collected when they are received. In some circumstances, Melos will consider offering ‘advances’ in lieu of future royalties.

      • How does the composer benefit?
        • Do they composers get a fair cut? See more

          Yes. Our experience to date shows that the composers will significantly benefit from this approach.

          Due to the inefficiencies within the current system composers are missing out on a sizeable P% of their royalties especially from international broadcasts.

          The Melos solution will help improve the overall efficiencies within the royalty identification and payment process resulting in immediate gains for the composers as well as brands.