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Music Tracker

MusicTracker is a technology solution to help global brands ensure licensing compliance and maximise royalties for music used in their TV commercials.

MusicTracker, developed in-house by Melos Publishing, helps some of the world’s largest brands with their music licensing and royalty tracking. Data is aggregated from multiple sources, including audio detections, brand media spots and TV broadcast logs. The result is a comprehensive and reliable overview of where a music track is being played.

What Is Music Tracker?

Music Tracker enables a brand to manage its music more effectively and generate revenue. A dashboard provides all information in easy-to-understand reports. This means you instantly see where your brand’s licensed music has been detected and how much revenue is generated.

A team with many years of combined experience developed MusicTracker. Their skills combine detailed knowledge of both music publishing and copyright collection societies along with experience in the development of large scale data-driven projects.

Paul Sims, our Chief Administration Officer, says “MusicTracker provides a solution to a problem that many global brand’s have had for years. Namely, keeping track of their music! Brands can invest millions  of dollars on music every year. This ranges from licensing a famous track to commissioning an original music work specifically for the campaign. Keeping track of where and when these works are broadcast, when you factor in, localised editing by post-production houses along with different media buying companies in different regions, makes this complex.”

He continues, “MusicTracker now provides a single portal to allow the data to drive decisions, which means brands know whether they need to renew a license and if so, in what territory? For original music, MusicTracker ensures that the composers finally receive the accurate royalties due to them, which in some cases have been so significant they have been life changing. If the brands are the publishers of these works they will benefit as well.

To coin a phrase, MusicTracker does exactly what it says on the tin!”

Brands currently using MusicTracker include Trivago, Team and Mars.

Some of the brands currently using Music Tracker include Trivago, Bayer, SC Johnson, Burger King, General Mills and Mars.

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