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As a global music tracking solution, our goal is to help brands maximise royalties generated from their advertising campaigns around the world.

Brands, Advertising Agencies and Composers are often only paid a fraction of royalties they should expect. Melos has combined Big Data with its MusicTracker™ technology to provide a proven and innovative solution to solve this industry problem

Our unique platform accurately tracks transmission of your adverts in real time globally.

Combining this tracking with exclusive media data enables Melos to provide Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) with the most accurate level of music usage reporting.

We offer a complete end to end service, and are so confident in our data and MusicTracker™ technology that we don’t charge upfront fees, and even offer royalty advances to some clients.

Melos MusicTracker™

MusicTracker™ is our exclusively owned and developed platform, accurately tracking music adverts globally and in real time.

Using a combination of the MusicTracker™ platform and media data, allows us to offer a truly effective, custom, all-encompassing music publishing solution.

Melos & Sony/ATV partnership

We have a long-standing partnership with one the largest music publishers in the world.

Sony/ATV have a global footprint and are direct members of 29 Performance Rights Societies (PROs) internationally. Bringing together our MusicTracker™ platform and service combined with Sony/ATV's reach delivers faster and more accurate payments.

We are proud to be one Sony / ATV’s fastest growing publishing partners.

Case Study

Melos has been working with a global travel brand for a number of years. In 2016, at the time of the client initially engaging with Melos services, their annual royalties from commercials internationally were £25,000, and received only in the UK.

Once Melos had applied its MusicTracker™ technology & data solutions, the brand and composer royalties grew to over £800,000 per annum, including payments from over 25 international markets.

Melos is confident its solution will deliver unsurpassed results for all clients.

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