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Super Bowl

How brands could unlock millions in Super Bowl royalties

It’s clearly a huge pull for advertisers, but in a year when many of the biggest brands sat out the Super Bowl, could there have been a relatively untapped source of return for investment that they have missed out on?

Cash piles

Music rights: How brands are leaving half a billion dollars on the table

Every year, an extraordinary amount of money that is owed to brands from performance royalties in ads is left unclaimed. It’s time to make these music rights work and take it back.

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How Technology Can Help Composers to Get Their Just Desserts

Richard Cottrell, CEO of Melos provides an insight into how technology is helping composers collect their much deserved royalties through data-lead solutions.

MELOS and The TEAM Companies form alliance

Music industry experts MELOS and The TEAM Companies form alliance to maximize royalty revenue collection for advertisers